Inspiration: The Business of Galleries

In addition to creating work in the studio, I spend time looking for useful information that will help me work more effectively. I find topics of interest on blogs and websites, forums and help sites, e-newsletters and conferences, books and magazines, as well as from other artists.

Here are online articles regarding galleries that caught my attention this week on Art Biz Blog by Alyson Stanfield, and Joanne Mattera Art Blog:

I am currently reading Alyson Stanfield’s book, I’d Rather Be In The Studio. Interesting and inspiring with tangible steps and guidelines to get you organized with the business side of being an artist.

Thinking about getting your work into a gallery? Choose your target, research them online, and go for a visit. Nothing will be more valuable than seeing the space, talking to the staff, and determining if it is a good fit based on first hand experience. Make it a habit. Get to as many openings as you can while you do your research, keep notes, business cards, and follow-up on leads.

For readers in the greater St. Louis area, be sure to follow these sites for openings and opportunities::

Add your inspirational readings, resources and tips to a comment!


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