Guest Post: Vent-a Fume by Stacy J. Krieg

Stacy Krieg is a new member to WC. She comes to us from Mission, KS. Stacy recently visited my studio where we talked about encaustic practice and materials, studio safety and venting. Enjoy this informative article about her experience with Vent-a-fume.

Stacy's studio with Vent-a-Fume on the left.

Stacy’s studio with Vent-a-Fume on the left.

I recently purchased a vent-a-fume unit and wanted to share my experience with you.  I was having some issues with breathing in the fumes from the encaustic paints so I started to investigate options on the market to help vent my studio.  The only vent specifically made for encaustic paints that I came across is vent-a-fume,  The company is based in Buffalo, NY and has been in business for over 20 years.  They started in the business supplying ventilation systems to schools, ceramic shops, and industrial plants.  A few years ago, they started working with encaustic painters to specifically design a unit to meet the needs of this medium.

Due to the fact that I was going to invest quite a bit of money (approximately $400-$500), I decided to give the company a call and get additional information.  I believe I spoke with one of the owners and he was great at providing me confidence in the product and answering my questions.  Since the company is trying to work in our market, he even upgraded my motor without any additional cost.


The unit came in two boxes and when it arrived I thought – oh boy, what did I get myself into?  Ha.  My sweet husband installed the unit in about 4-6 hours and the only complaint I got from him was that he had to cut a hole in our house.  The hole has to be cut so the vent can push all the fumes outside.  The standard unit hole size is 4 inches (same as a dryer vent).  Since I opted for the more powerful motor, we had to cut a 6-inch hole.


Vent-a-Fume installed.


The unit that I purchased was the bench mounted unit, size 27 “ diameter vent.  The vent is rather large but fits perfectly over my palette.


I am completely 100% satisfied with this product.  Before installation, I could only work around the medium for about an hour before I got sick to my stomach, headaches, swollen throat, etc.  Now, I can work down there day and night and I smell nothing.  I try to fuse most of my work by the vent also, as temperatures are very high with heat guns, torches, etc.

I would highly recommend this unit and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

My email is

Stacy J. Krieg


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