Missouri Encaustic Artists Highlighted in MAC Article

Barbara MacRobie, Public Information Coordinator for the Missouri Arts Council, wrote a beautiful article about encaustic arti1sts in Missouri for the July 2014 online newsletter: Bees, Sticky Trees, and Blowtorches: Encaustic Painting Enthralls Missouri Artists (pdf).

The 15 page article showcases many of our WaxCentric members, as well as introduces us to new artists across the state. The following WC members who were interviewed by phone for the article include:

Sheri Goldsmith
Keith Kavanaugh
Mary Beth Shaw
Lisa Sisley-Blinn
Laura Skroska
Stella Spalt
Julie Snidle
Linda Wein

The article touches on each artists connection to the medium, as well as statements about inspiration, intent and process. A well written, up-beat overview of encaustic in general, and artists wielding torches and hot paint!



3 thoughts on “Missouri Encaustic Artists Highlighted in MAC Article

  1. Kind words from Kathryn Bevier at Enkaustikos Wax Art Supplies!

    “Hi Ladies, Congratulations on being included in the MO Arts Council article. It was fun to read and see your names. I hope you all are enjoying this summer and that your teaching and time in the studio is most fruitful.

    My best regards,
    Kathryn Bevier”

    Enkaustikos Wax Art Supplies
    3 North Washington St.
    Rochester, NY 14614

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