Missouri Map

Map of Missouri, USA.

Purpose: Support artists with information and resources, opportunities to show, grow, and be connected to like artists and groups around the country. WaxCentric is a local interest group that supports artists in Missouri, and a 200 miles radius from St. Louis, MO., who use wax in the creation of their art, or as part of their work: hot wax, encaustic, cold wax, beeswax, micro crystalline or other waxes that are used in the creation of an artistic expression. If you live in Missouri, or within 200 miles of St. Louis, jump in and join us!

Benefits of joining:

  • Community
  • Collaboration
  • Resource sharing
  • Exposure

Membership is free (yes, free). There may be a fee associated with specific events and meeting locations. As the group grows, there may be a membership fee in the future. For now, join with no strings attached. To join WaxCentric, email Lisa at waxcentric(at)gmail.com.

WaxCentric is currently organized and hosted by MFA artist Lisa Sisley-Blinn, a painter, printmaker, and encaustic  instructor. She has been using encaustic wax in her work since 1998.


One thought on “About

  1. just found your web site by accident looking for more instruction on shellac burn. had no idea there was an organization in MO. ! YEA! would like to attend workshops and more education. love encaustic. very addictive.. not sure i can ever go back to oils.

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