Anthill Gallery & Vintage Curiosities
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“Spinning Straw Into Gold” opens July 3 at anthill gallery, 102 North Front Street on the historic elevated sidewalk in Cobden, and will run through August.

Beginning July 3 the hours for this exhibition will be 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and noon to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Molly Groom Alter and Laurie Blakely debut their most recent explorations in metals, enamels and fibers; ceramics and encaustic wax mediums.

Alter’s work – combining metals, enamels, ceramics, and fibers – is shaped by memory, emotions, and experiences in her life.  Her artwork in this exhibition explores the possibility of disease in the human genetic makeup, the unknown precursors which are blindly present, and the beauty in the organic nature of healthy and unhealthy cells.

Blakely’s sculptural paintings are meditations on loss and redemption.  Inspired by the natural world’s endless illustrations of decay and growth, she sculpts organic shapes that symbolize the genesis of life and change.  Blending ceramic sculpture and multiple layers of encaustic painting, she creates an etherial, complex painting in relief.  

Images for Laurie Blakely, a member of WaxCentric can be found on the WC MeetUp site:

6-1 through 6-30-13
Solo Exhibit by Lisa Sisley-Blinn at the St. Charles County Arts Council

1-7- 2013
Work by Sheri Goldsmith has been accepted in the following two exhibits:


  • “Photo Op,” hosted by the St. Louis Artists’ Guild at Two Oak Knoll Park, opens on Friday, January 18th from 6 – 8:30 p.m.  The exhibition is up from January 18th to March 17th, 2013.  The two pieces I am showing are, “Pas de Sortie,” and “Ne Pas Entrer.”
  • “Mussorgsky In Reverse,” hosted by the St. Louis Symphony and Art St. Louis, has a meet the artists on Saturday, January 26th from 7:15 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Powell Hall at 718 N. Grand Blvd. to ticket holders.  The show is up from January 25th to January 27th, 2013.  The piece I have in the exhibition is, “Genesis.”

See more of Sheri’s work:

11-6-2012 thru 1-8-2013

Mary C. Nassar and Lisa Sisley-Blinn are having a joint exhibit at By Design in Alton, IL. The exhibit is from November 16, 2012 – January 8, 2012. The opening reception is Friday, November 16, 5-7pm.


Artist and WaxCentric founder, Lisa Sisley-Blinn was selected to be included in the upcoming 3rd edition of Linda Womack’s book, Embracing Encaustic. The third edition will be an eBook. Read about it on Linda Womack’s sites:


Member News:

  •  Mary C. Nasser in Print
    From WCA Announcement:
    “I’m still on cloud nine that this dream of mine came true: to have my paintings featured in a print magazine! Here is a peek at my copy of issue #2 of Featuring Magazine that arrived in my mailbox from the Netherlands!”

    Timeline Photos

    I’m still on cloud nine that this dream of mine came true: to have my paintings featured in a print …


9-1 thru 11-30

WaxCentric Group Exhibit at Tavern of Fine Arts
Meet the artists! Come to the opening reception Saturday, September 8, 7-9pm

Photos of us hanging the exhibit can be found on our MeetUp page: Exhibit online at Tavern of Fine Arts:


New Member
Laurie Blakely
Makanda, IL (near Carbondale, IL)

Threshold. Encaustic.
16″ x 20″ Encaustic, ceramic, gold leaf


New Member
Mary Beth Shaw
My Book:  Flavor for Mixed Media

Title: Autumn Snow
Size 8″ x 10″
Encaustic with inclusions and oil stick on panel


New Member
Mary C. Nasser
Mixed-media painter, art educator
St. Louis, MO

I love creating mixed-media paintings layered with maps and geologic drawings.


“Crater.” 3″x5″


July WaxCentric Meeting:
Create clay tools and tiles in the studio of Sheri Goldsmith

Sunday, July 15, 1-3pm. Studio of Sheri Goldsmith
We are meeting at the studio of Sheri Goldsmith.
Sheri will show us how to make texture tools and tiles from white clay. For those who create clay pieces, she will fire them in her kiln.

*Thank you Sheri!!

Treasures found by all!


June WaxCentric Meeting: Visit to Shapiro Metal Supply

Saturday, June 16, 2012, 10am
Shapiro Metal Supply,
5617 Natural Bridge Ave, St Louis, MO

*Thank you Shapiro Metal Supply for hosting our meeting!


Cathy Loos.
Discoveries I. 36″ x 36.” Encaustic on board

May WaxCentric Meeting: Shellac burn demo at the  studio of Cathy Loos.
Sunday, May 20, 2012, 1-3 p.m.

Thank you Cathy for hosting our meeting, and a great demo!


New Member
Julie Snidle
Artist, instructor
St. Louis, MO

“Spring Field” Encaustic. 10″ x 10″


New email address created for WaxCentric:


Tavern of Fine Arts (TOFA) call for art entry online goes live!


New Member
Mark Witzling
St. Louis, MO.

“Blue Skies Sunset” Oils and Cold Wax. 18 x 18 on panel
Blending oils and cold wax, this piece is intended to reflect the emotional calm experience while watching the setting sun over a local Missouri lake. Flickr:


New Member
Keith Kavanaugh
Jackson County, MO

“Barns (winter),” Encaustic on birch plywood, 18in x 24in, 2005, Private collection
“My landscapes are inspired by a long time interest in our relationship to the natural world. With few exceptions, all of my work deals with places near my home in rural northeast Jackson County. “


March WaxCentric Meeting:

: Sunday, April 15, 2012, 4-5 p.m.
Where: ArtMart.
2355 S. Hanley Rd.  St. Louis, MO 63144. 314.781.9999: driving directions
*Thank you ArtMart for hosting our meeting!

What: Encaustic: Pour Demo. Discuss creating/completing work for the a show at Tavern of Fine Art.
WaxCentric now on Meetup! RSVP for the next meeting.


March WaxCentric Meeting:

: Saturday, March 17, 2012, 1:00 p.m.
Where: Tavern of Fine Arts.  313 Belt Avenue. St. Louis, MO. 63112. Central West End.
*Thank you Tavern of Fine Arts for hosting our meeting!
What: Demo. Discuss organizing a show at Tavern of Fine Art. Bring a piece of work that uses wax in the creation to share with Aaron and Matt, chef/owners.
Who: Artists who share wax as a common point of creativity: hot or cold wax, smooth or chunky, 2D or 3D, on or off the wall, in combination with other mediums such as photography, fiber, painting, printmaking, book arts, jewelry, collage, and more.


New Members
Nikki D. May
Paducah, Kentucky

“A Slowing Down” 14″x 10″
Mixed media encaustic on paper mounted on wood panel. Includes original drawings, photo transfers, vintage book pages, leaves, teabags.
Carolyn Karasek

“Cracked Leaf” Encaustic with Leaf. 12″ x12″
Encaustic with leaf-2011
12″ x 12″

Sarah Cactus Bulock

“Sonic Sandoz” Encaustic on Wood.
Encaustic on wood -2012
12″ x 12″Peggy Wade

“Chemistry 101″ Encaustic on Wood
Encaustic on wood-2011
8″ x 8″

WaxCentric now on Meetup! RSVP for the next meeting.


New Members
Junko Eccles
St. Louis, MO

Encaustic on Tile. "Chrysanthemum"
“Chrysanthemum.” 8″x 8″
Encaustic with transfer on white clay ceramic tile. 8″x 8″

Cathy Loos
St. Louis, MO

“Discovery I
.” Encaustic on board. The “painting was created using the encaustic process of laying hot melted wax paint to a surface and fusing each layer with fire or heat. Discovery I is a conceptual painting that addresses concerns of cave-dwelling humans. The campfire is an actual photo of fire taken by the artist and embedded in melted wax. Colors mimic an earthy palette.”


WaxCentric First Meeting:

When: Saturday, February 18, 2012, 10 a.m.
Where: ArtMart, in the classroom. 2355 South Hanley Road , St. Louis, MO 63144
*Thank you ArtMart for giving us our first meeting space!
What: Meet and greet. Bring a small piece of work that uses wax in the creation.
Who: Artists who share wax as a common point of creativity: hot or cold wax, smooth or chunky, 2D or 3D, on or off the wall, in combination with other mediums such as photography, fiber, painting, printmaking, book arts, jewelry, collage, and more.


WaxCentric, notice of new group with description and contact information added to R&F Forum.


Meeting notice placed online in Art Saint Louis Member’s Area.
Thank you Art Saint Louis!


Notice sent in St. Louis Artists’ Guild & Galleries News & Announcements eNewsletter:
“Lisa Sisley-Blinn, SLAG member and instructor, has launched WaxCentric, a resource for artists in the St. Louis region who use wax as an artistic media. The group’s first meeting is this Saturday, February 18th, 10am, at ArtMart. For now, membership in WaxCentric is free! Email for more information.”
Thank you St. Louis Artists’ Guild & Galleries!


WaxCentric is now listed on the International Encaustic Artists website under Resources/Organizations.
Thank you International Encaustic Artists!


WaxCentric added to Womack Workshops Getting Started page.
Thank you Linda Womack!


blog goes live!

Lisa Sisley-Blinn
Founder of WaxCentric
MFA Artist: Painter, Printmaker, Encaustic Instructor
O’Fallon, MO (just outside of St. Louis)

“Iterations 1417.”12″ x 12″ x 1.” 2012.

Encaustic with oil stick and metal leaf “on braced board.
“One image from a series of work based on 1600 digital variations from a single image motif. A scored surface is juxtaposed with repetitive elements, which in turn hover over an ephemeral background space. There is a push-pull between decorative shapes vs. gestural texture, color vs. line, chaos vs. order.”

Encaustic Classes:
Flickr: Flickr:
Look for me on Facebook!


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