Competitions and Calls for Art, grants residencies or fellowships that are listed here may or may not be restricted to wax work only. If you know of an upcoming opportunity, post it in a comment below. The listings here have been found on respected web sites, or recommended by other artists. As always, you will need to check out the details, risks and advantages yourself before entering. Go to each site link to find all the information for each event. These are only partial listings.

Listed by Submission Deadline

Opportunity Resources


Outside Missouri

Fund a Project


One thought on “Opportunities

  1. Call for Nominations
    International Encaustic Artists (IEA) is initiating an annual awards program for artists working withencaustic (pigmented wax). The La Vendéenne Awards are named in honor of a fourth
    century AD anonymous female encaustic artist, whose buried remains were found–along with the tools of her art–in the La Vendée region of France. The Awards recognize
    outstanding contributions to the advancement and practice of encaustic art in five categories:
    artistry, innovation, education, media and lifetime achievement. The award itself is being crafted by James Meyer, artist and assistant to Jasper Johns. It will be supplemented with cash and/or gift certificates. For details, and to complete nominations in any category, go to:
    Submission deadline is April 30, 2012. Awards will be presented at the
    IEA encaustiCon conference banquet in San Antonio, Texas, on September 8, 2012.

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