Professional Organizations

Encaustic  Professional Organizations

  • Encaustic Art Institute. New Mexico
    Online magazine:
  • Fused Chicago. Chicago area and mid-west.
  • International Encaustic Artists. Chapters all over the USA and abroad.

    • Baltimore/Washington DC
      Chapter for Baltimore, Washington DC and the surrounding areas. Anyone in the Mid-Atlantic region is welcome to join:
    • Northern California/Bay Area Chapter
      Chapter for the San Francisco, California Bay Area.
    • AKIEA
      Alaska chapter of IEA and is based in Anchorage, but represents the entire state.
    • IEA-PDX
      Portland, Oregon chapter of IEA
    • SAZWAX
      Chapter for southern Arizona.
    • Texas Wax
      Chapter for Texas, including Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio
    • MassWax
      hapter for Massachusetts, but meetings and membership are open to artists in the other New England states.

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